A Special Thank You from our founder

We are always grateful when someone expresses interest in our franchise opportunity. However, Xtreme Fun is not just about being a franchise company. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for both our Franchisees and our Xtreme Fun Home Office Team. Our experienced people bring a wealth of interactive entertainment management and operational experience to our Franchisees.

We have attracted franchise candidates from many different walks of life, including the corporate world, the military, government, and others from the small business environment. No matter what the background of our franchisees, the most important quality that we look for is the desire to work hard and make a difference in their own lives and the lives of people in their communities.

Scott Feld
Xtreme Fun, Founder



We understand that when it comes to choosing a business opportunity or party event franchise, there are several options available to you. Xtreme Fun sets itself apart from those options with an excellent business model and support. The following significant differences between Xtreme Fun and everyone else are profound.

Excellent Client Service
Through Exceptional Training

The Xtreme Fun franchise opportunity provides the utmost in client service. Our training system provides you with invaluable experience and the confidence to handle any situation. We also provide telephone support, video and audio training modules, and email templates to answer the most frequent questions you may encounter on a daily basis in operating your Xtreme Fun business.

Marketing Strategy

Our interactive party event entertainment business flourishes by word-of-mouth endorsements that create client loyalty and retention. Our marketing strategies have been created to generate that type of excitement. We will share our techniques for reaching the ideal clients in an affordable and effective manner. We believe Xtreme Fun is one of the most affordable and best entertainment business ideas in the franchise world.

Innovative Entertainment Products and Services

Our Three Tier Franchise opportunity allows almost anyone to join the fun as a franchisee from part time to semi full to all the way in full time options and the opportunity to grow in many different ways.  You can upgrade your package, double down on PLAYS that you like best and book most of or some hybrid version of growth.  We want to support you through the entire process to make you successful so count on us to be their every step of the way!

Part Time Franchises start at only $25K and you don’t have to quit your day job, give up your benefits, or risk everything in hopes you will succeed PLUS you only pay your party staff when you are getting paid (doing parties)!  This cuts down on payroll, taxes, and insurance costs from traditional business models.

*Please see “Are We A Match” for pricing*


All activities inside each party PLAY is systemized, organized, and created for Xtreme FUN with guaranteed smiles and happy clients.  You can expect every guest at every party wants to be the next guest of honor and parents love telling their friends about Xtreme Fun for their kids’ parties.  Schools, Communities, HOA’s, Companies and almost anybody will be your client too.  The fun will never stop with your new business.












Our Team-Employees love working at Xtreme Fun!

Taking the time to create and express our business culture has allowed us to define the type of people we hire to be part of the Xtreme Fun team. Due to our philosophy and selection of employees, we create a client experience unattainable by our competitors. These values originate from our founder, Scott Feld, who has spent the past 20 years in the party event entertainment business expanding the Xtreme Fun business model and developing a client list of global brand companies and professional sports teams and athletes.

We do not require business or party event entertainment experience to purchase an Xtreme Fun Franchise. Just bring your willingness to work hard and enthusiasm; we will provide the training and support to put you on the path to success.




The Xtreme Fun market includes adults and children interested in clean, fun, and safe environments in which to enjoy the various party and entertainment events. The market for our Xtreme Fun is geared toward adults and children of all ages, but also includes corporate events, schools, fundraising opportunities, festivals, community events, sporting events and various promotional events.


First, we have fun at the corporate office. Why? Because our team is special. They are experienced and thoroughly know the party event business, enjoy coming to work every day to plan entertainment events, and are excited to be able to help our Franchisees enjoy building their franchise business. Our Xtreme Fun Team is invested in your success.


Most party and special event companies, either franchised or company-owned, have a narrow focus.  Their party events either appeal to adults or children, or only boys or girls. Some event companies only offer activities that are exclusively for outdoor games which may not be appropriate for all ages and don’t do well in cold climates.


However, a typical week of events for an Xtreme Fun Franchisee can include a client’s son’s 8th birthday party featuring sports games and activities including Nerf and Slime. It can also be a daughter’s 11th birthday featuring special events like Birthday-Dance, Game Show, or more active games like Obstacle Course. As clients’ sons and daughters move up in age, Franchisees offer DJ events which are extremely popular with teens. Switching venues, you could be organizing school events, working with teachers and administrators, that include school dances, graduation parties, and field days.   If the client is a company planning an annual picnic, you will be there to make certain that all the children, regardless of age, enjoy themselves along with the parents. The number of choices are endless as to party types and themes. The reason for the wide variety of event selections is because Xtreme Fun Franchisees are able to custom tailor an event to satisfy a client’s needs and budget.

The vast majority of party event companies are single-event entertainment companies and only appeal to a smaller market segment or age group. These companies are not able to multiply revenue by cross-selling services to an already existing client base.  Being able to cross-sell another a service, such as an anniversary party, to parents who are giving a children’s event increases our client lifetime and retention. This improves our Franchisees’ cash flow and maximizes their marketing budget. Flexible event package pricing structures for most income groups allows Xtreme Fun Franchisees to offer party events in markets ranging from middle to high-income families.



Relationships with our Franchisees and with their clients are at the heart of who we are as an Xtreme Fun family. Therefore, how we train and support our Franchisees to execute the Xtreme Fun promise of value every day remains one of the core tenets of our system. Because we lead our industry in the innovation of new party event activities, our parties will always stay exciting.

Our unique training and ongoing support differentiate us from other franchisors. XTREME FUN Franchisee training and ongoing support include personalized help with all parts of your business to facilitate your growth. Both training and support are provided by your Xtreme Fun Team whenever you need it.

We provide training and support to our Franchisees in the following areas

Initial Training and Ongoing Operations Support

  • One week of new Franchisee training at our corporate training facilities.
  • Trainers who will help you to properly budget and operate your business.
  • Periodic visits to Franchisee location upon request to consult with and assistFranchisee.
  • Telephone support hotline available to all Franchisees during business hours.
  • Intranet web-based communications network that permits Xtreme Fun Franchisees to communicate electronically with each other and through which we will make accessible various materials toFranchisee, including the Operations Manual, training materials, and official notices.
  • Web-based Operating System including proprietary operations and management software used by Franchisee to schedule party events.

Office Set-up

  • Assist you with your office selection.
  • Assist you with planning warehouse/storage area.
  • Provide initial inventory of game equipment.
  • Provide equipment checklists to ensure that your business has everything it needs to get started.

Marketing and Advertising Support

  • Assist you with an initial marketing plan.
  • Assist you with ongoing marketing techniques, support, and budgets.
  • You will use our website and our current marketing funnels.